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Sheinelle Jones says this is the best way to eat a banana and we have questions

Come again?
/ Source: TODAY

Sheinelle Jones, we need to talk.

The TODAY anchor posted an Instagram story yesterday explaining that she enjoys eating a banana in the peel — with a spoon.

“You’re probably gonna think I’m crazy, but I just discovered something and it’s like a vacation for breakfast. It’s like a dessert for breakfast. Do you know what it is?” she said.

What?! Sheinelle Jones proudly eats her banana in the peel with a spoon.@sheinelle_o/Instagram

“I know you’re gonna think I’m nuts. Eating a banana with a spoon. I’m telling you, for some reason, it tastes better,” she said as she took a bite. “Try it. You’re gonna thank me. Banana with a spoon for breakfast. It’s, like, delightful."

We can always count on Sheinelle to give her honest opinion when it comes to food. Last month, she sampled some new candies, including Skittles Dips, which are Skittles smothered with a creamy coat, similar to yogurt-covered pretzels.

Her reaction? Let’s just say it wasn’t a hit.

“Oh man, I just wasn’t ready,” she said while making a face. “I wasn’t ready for that!”