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The internet is not happy about this pizza with strawberries

Some people are losing their minds over a post on Twitter suggesting strawberries as a pizza topping.
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone from the president of Iceland to Gordon Ramsay — and even a slew of celebs — has weighed in on the fiery Twitter debate over whether pineapple pizza deserves to exist. But now, pineapple lovers and haters may be able to unite against a new contender that has left many horrified: strawberry pizza.

No, we’re not talking about a dessert pizza here. We’re talking about sauce and cheese topped with sliced strawberries. Let that sink in for a moment.

Twitter user @MoonEmojii threw a firebomb into the pineapple debate on Sunday, posting a photo of a pizza topped with strawberries, saying it trumps pineapples. But most of Twitter was definitely not having it.

People threatened to call the authorities for this crime against pizza.

Some were just straight up grossed out.

Others called for unity to defeat this scourge.

But a few brave souls seemed willing to explore this crazy option.

The post racked up more than 2,000 comments and still has people talking.

While we can’t say it sounds appetizing, the berries-and-cheese combo isn’t that outlandish ... and at least it’s not as gimmicky as the pumpkin spice pizza (which people also hated before even trying). The classic “Hawaiian” pie (which was actually invented in Canada) has been around since 1962, and we’re pretty sure no matter what haters say, it isn’t going anywhere.

Could the strawberry pie be the next industry disrupter? Probably not ... but who knows?

Vidya Rao contributed.