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Map reveals Americans' favorite Thanksgiving pies by state — and we have questions

Plenty of people took to social media to express their confusion and dismay at the results.
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If you’ve never even heard of cranberry pie, you’re not alone.Natalia Lavrenkova / Getty Images stock
/ Source: TODAY

After the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, there’s nothing like kicking back on Thanksgiving Day with a nice slice of … cranberry pie?

On Monday, Instagram released a map showing the most popular Thanksgiving pies in each U.S. state, and in what the company is calling a “very 2020-esque twist,” cranberry pie — not pumpkin, pecan or apple pie — came out on top.

That’s right: cranberry pie is apparently the most popular Thanksgiving pie in 14 states, according to Instagram’s data, which is based on the number of mentions that different kinds of pies have received on Instagram feeds and stories in November.

If you’ve never even heard of cranberry pie, you’re not alone. Plenty of people took to social media to express their confusion and dismay.

The map has been ... controversial.
The map has been ... controversial.Instagram

“Cranberry pie?!? Not a chance!” one person commented on Instagram’s post.

“Baloney Pie - my thoughts of this random list,” another commenter wrote. “Washington State, never heard o’ no cranberry pie. I’ve lived in Wisconsin and Ohio also. Pumpkin absolutely hands down with an apple pie to boot.”

Another dark horse, sweet potato pie, came in as a close second on Instagram’s map, with 11 states apparently mentioning it on Instagram more than any other pie.

Amazingly, pumpkin pie only came out on top in three states: California, Nevada and Arizona. And even more shockingly, only one state, Connecticut, showed some love to that all-American classic, apple pie.

Other pies in the running included pecan, cherry and out-of-season blueberry and strawberry, but they were all easily out-ranked by the two unexpected favorites, cranberry and sweet potato.

“Who made this?” one disgruntled pie enthusiast commented on Instagram's map. “We grow apples in VT. Apple pie is served everywhere! 2nd is pumpkin. What even is a cranberry pie? I think you made it up. Nobody I know from anywhere in New England has heard of it. We make cranberry sauce, not pie!”

Others conducted their own unofficial polls in their home states.

“I’ve lived in Illinois for 61 years. None of my four siblings have ever heard of a cranberry nor like me do they know if anyone who eats it,” one commenter chimed in. “I don’t understand how this pie was popular in Illinois. I even asked around to two different bakeries plus the grocery store bakers and nobody has ever seen one much less eaten one. Cranberry Relish yes, pie no!”

Another commenter summed up their feelings about Instagram’s map with one valid question: “Was this created by aliens?”

Now, all pies are good pies, and we certainly do not condone the shaming of any pie. Still, there’s no denying that these results are surprising, considering the general popularity of pumpkin, pecan and apple varieties.

America’s favorite pie may still be up for debate, but here’s hoping everyone enjoys whichever Thanksgiving desserts they choose to dish up this year!