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Ina Garten: My new cooking show teaches 'techniques instead of recipes'

We can't wait to watch Ina Garten's brand new Food Network series called 'Cook Like a Pro.' How fun is THAT?!
/ Source: TODAY

Legendary cookbook author, food world star and TODAY contributor Ina Garten just announced on Twitter that she has a new cooking show series in the works, called Cook Like a Pro, and all we can say is: "How bad can that be?!"

The show will premiere on Food Network in mid-May, and as she told TODAY Food over the phone, her goal is to use her "decades of experience in the food business and writing cookbooks to show people how to cook with confidence."

As you can see in the announcement photo above, Ina and her assistant, Lidey Heuck, are posing with a sophisticated-looking chocolate ganache chevron cake. Earlier this month, Ina shared a mesmerizing video on Instagram demonstrating how to create that pretty chevron pattern. With some simple piping and knife-work Garten makes it actually look doable.

We can just hear her saying, "How easy is that?"

So, presumably, Cook Like a Pro will be about how simple it can be to make complex-looking (and, hopefully, tasting) food.

It seems she is challenging us to step up our cooking game — to graduate from relying so heavily on recipes — and maybe, this time, store-bought isn't necessarily fine.

"[The show] is a little more fine-grained than my other show, which is more like my friends are coming for dinner," Garten said. "I want to teach people techniques instead of recipes. I just want to answer all of people's questions on how to cook."

Garten believes that she will be satisfying a hunger in millennials to learn how to cook that cooking game shows on TV simply don't deliver.

"People are growing up without anyone to show them how to cook, and millennials want to cook for their families and have dinner parties," she explained. "They're hungry not just for the nourishment of cooking but also the community of it."

So, rather than just demonstrating recipes, Cook Like a Pro will focus more on teaching people basic cooking techniques.

"I just want to show people how to saute a pepper, chop an onion and cut a cauliflower so that it won't get all over your kitchen," she said. "A few simple tips can take something to a professional level."

As for what will be on the menu on her show, Ina told TODAY Food that she just taped an episode on vegetable paella.

"If you cut the vegetables a certain way and roast them a certain way, it brings out all the flavors and looks beautiful. I love things that are simple to do but look like they would have been elaborate."

Just like the chocolate ganache cake above! We get it, Ina!

"When people enjoy something at a bakery, they say, 'That tastes homemade,' and when they eat something homemade, they say, 'That tastes professional,'" she chuckled. "Our goal is to accomplish 'homemade by professional.'"

And to anyone wondering if her husband Jeffrey will be making any appearances, she said he hasn't been on any of the shows that have been shot — so far. Here's hoping for an adorable Jeffrey-Ina interaction in episodes to come.

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