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Ina Garten posts throwback photos from '70s road trip she took with Jeffrey

She also created a musical playlist to go with that on-the-road feeling.
/ Source: TODAY

Talk about a movable feast!

Ina Garten shared a delightful set of throwback pictures on Thursday via Instagram, featuring herself and husband Jeffrey tootling around on a four-month camping trip in Europe in 1971, and we couldn't be more charmed.

"ROAD TRIP!!" she wrote in the caption of the picture series (click to scroll through).

We love this look! Not only are those photos the classic squares with white edges, we get to see the young couple (and their vehicle) in all their '70s glory.

The first picture shows Garten in sunglasses, poised in front of a pup tent, the couple's red Renault 4 ("We loved it!" she said in the comments) hatchback in the background. The car is also kind of a star in these pictures, showing up in picture No. 2, which features Jeffrey standing at the back of the vehicle, with a dramatic mountain scene in the distance.

And finally, we get to see Garten in her element: inside the tent, perhaps preparing up some kind of meal, a carton of Coca-Cola to one side. (A slice of America during that sojourn in Europe.)

We can only imagine the bonding experience these two must have had in that (reasonably) small car, that (definitely) small tent, traveling together for all those weeks. The pair met when she was 15 and visiting her brother at Dartmouth College; Jeffrey was a student there. They have been married since late 1968.

This isn't the first time Garten, 73, has shared a picture from that camping trip; in 2018, when they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, she posted this pic from the road, writing, "And then there was the four month camping trip in Europe in 1971. How about those outfits and the '70s hair??"

As she told TODAY during a visit to the studio at the time, "If we can survive in a tent for four months, we can survive anything."

But that's not the only thing Garten has whipped up for us. As she notes in the caption, "With everyone traveling (safely, I hope!), I put together a fun playlist for your trip. It reminds me of the four-month camping trip Jeffrey and I took in the early 70s. (How about that 70s hair???) It’s called 'Road Trip!' and it’s available on @applemusic , @spotify , and @pandora . Hope you love it!!"

So what tunes has Garten carefully curated? Let's say they're very of that era, from Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" to Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Homeward Bound" and "Mrs. Robinson" to a couple from Joni Mitchell: "You Turn Me On I'm A Radio" and "Both Sides Now." But there are a few off the beaten path, from Rodriguez's "I Wonder" and "Sugar Man," and Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'."

Commenters were positively cheering these fun pics. @katiecouricmedia wrote, "OMG THESE PICS" and author Jenny Han wrote, "OMG new Ina and Jeffrey pics!?!?" And as a couple of commenters noted, Garten is definitely rocking a 1970s Ali McGraw look.

Sounds like we're all hungry for more!