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Ina Garten reveals how she really feels about Jennifer Garner's 'cooking' show

Jennifer Garner's "pretend cooking show" has at least one very, very famous food-loving fan.
/ Source: TODAY

Legions of devoted food-lovers idolize Food Network star Ina Garten as the queen of the cooking world (we certainly do!), so it's not surprising that she also has her share of famous fans.

Take, for example, actress Jennifer Garner, who loves the Barefoot Contessa so much that she's been filming a series of cooking videos in the "Barefoot" style.

Now, in a tasty twist, it looks like Garner has won the admiration of her beloved idol!

“Isn’t she lovely?! I just think she’s so wonderful,” Garten recently told People Magazine of Garner's social media segments. “I love her videos so much. She is adorable and smart and not at all performing — that’s just who she is. I just think she’s really special.”

Much like Garten films her show in the Hamptons, Garner’s “pretend cooking show” is shot in her own home kitchen. Garner’s first episode was actually a Garten recipe for honey white bread. The actress posts the videos to Facebook and Instagram and has three "shows" fans can watch.

But this is much more than mutual fandom from afar. The two women are actually friends (yes, we're jealous!) and Garner has even appeared on an episode of "Barefoot Contessa." Lucky.

While Garner doesn’t pretend to be a chef (hence the "pretend" in her show's title), her food videos are beginning to score big with fans across social media. In addition to Garten's bread, Garner has also made bagels and English muffins.

One of the most delightful parts of this cooking show is that the cook doesn't just showcase her successes; she's also not afraid to admit her kitchen failures. Let's just say it took the actress two tries to nail homemade bagels.

Outside of her obvious love of carbs (we approve), Garner has also made kale chips, with kale from her very own garden. Not only would Garten approve, but we're pretty sure Martha Stewart would love that, too!