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Ina Garten reveals the 3 trendy foods that she totally hates

"I like coffee to taste like coffee."
/ Source: TODAY

There is a lot we know about Ina Garten.

We know she loves Jeffrey more than anything. We know she hates cilantro more than anything. We know her favorite kitchen tools and pantry staples. We know her tips and tricks for prepping cauliflower and corn — really all the produce. We know she actually does buy some store-bought foods. We know the only fast-food restaurant she'll set foot in, and we even know why she thinks roast chicken is incredibly romantic.

But there's one thing we've always wondered about her: How does she feel about the super trendy foods that dominate our Instagram feeds? Like, what's the Barefoot Contessa's take on PSLs, avocado toast and other decidedly "basic" foods?

So, we asked Garten to rate a bunch of them as "Hot" or "Not." Her answers were surprising and, of course, also amazing. Here's what we found out:

Avocado Toast: Hot!

"One of my favorites," she said. "Definitely hot."

How does she make hers? "I toast the bread and then I make a mixture that's kind of like guacamole and put it on top," she explained. "Has to be really well seasoned."

Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs

Almond Milk: Could be Hot!

"I'm a big believer in real milk, but if you can't drink it, almond milk is just fine," said the Food Network star.

Grain Bowls: Really Hot!

"Particularly when somebody else makes them for me," she said. Please, be more relatable, Ina.

Pineapple Pizza: Not!

She's on the same side of the argument as fellow celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey on this one. "Eugh! Definitely not 'Hot'!"

Kale: Hot!

"When did kale get a PR agent?" she asked. (Solid question!) "Everything is kale, and the truth is, I love it!"

Pumpkin-Spice Latte: Not!

"I like coffee to taste like coffee." Oooooh, burn!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Bundt Cake

Cauliflower Rice: Hot!

"I love cauliflower in every form — soup, on toast — and cauliflower rice is fantastic," she said. "Definitely 'Hot.'"

Now, we wonder if she's ever tried the super-popular Trader Joe's version...

Aperol Spritz: Hot!

"I love them," she said, before adding a little insight about her absolute favorite drink: "My favorite cocktail of all time is a whiskey sour but in the summer, I love a nice Aperol Spritz."

Matcha: Not Sure!

Surprisingly, Garten has never actually tried the trendy green tea powder! "Don't know what it tastes like," she laughed. "Think I'll have to try that one."

Vegan Matcha-Dark Chocolate Cake

Zucchini Noodles: Kind of Hot?

"I like them mixed with pasta," she said. "So I like zucchini and pasta together, but not just zucchini." What a brilliant carb-reducing-but-not-completely-cutting solution!

Unicorn Foods: Not!

"If I don't know what it is, I'm probably not going to eat it." The sass. The sass! Unicorns: You are officially excused!

Unicorn White-Hot Chocolate

Quinoa: Hot!

"It's so easy to overcook it and it gets a little slimy," she warned. "But if it's perfectly prepared, it can be delicious." (Note to self: Never make quinoa for Ina Garten.)

Quinoa 'Risotto'

Kombucha: Not!

At first, she thought we were asking her about kabocha squash (which is in season, by the way), but once we explained what the fermented tea drink was, she said, decidedly, "I'm not big on anything that's fermented, so I'm thinking 'Not.'" Wow.

Cilantro: Still Not!

And, for old time's sake, we had to ask her about cilantro, just to see if maybe — just maybe — she'd had a change of heart. If anything, it appears as though Garten's hatred for the divisive green herb has grown even stronger as she definitively declared, "Not now. Not ever."