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Giant cow made of butter wows state fair crowd — but the sculptor made a mistake

The butter cow is an annual tradition that dates back to the 1920s.
Misspelling on a sculpture made from butter at the Illinois State Fair.
This creamy statue got a mini makeover after the sculptor made a small mistake.Illinois Department of Agricultu
/ Source: TODAY

If a life-sized cow made of butter isn't attention-getting enough, maybe one with a tiny misspelling will do the trick.

On Thursday, a giant cow sculpted entirely out of butter made its debut at the Illinois State Fair. But the artist behind the creamy cow, Sarah Pratt of West Des Moines, Iowa, made a small — but significant —error.

Can you spot it?

Butter cow misspelling
A misspelling on the sign in front of this sculpture made of butter made for lots of laughs at the 2018 Indiana State FairIllinois Department of Agriculture

The sign was intended to read "Grand Champion State, 1818, Bicentennial 2018" in celebration of the state's 200th birthday.

According to Midwest Dairy Association spokesperson Marla Behrends, Pratt admitted that she is a terrible speller and typically uses her husband to spell-check her creations — but he wasn't available to look at her cow this time.

Pratt misplaced one of the "n's" in "bicentennial," giving the first viewers to the fair, which runs through Aug. 19, a bit of a chuckle. To be fair, it is quite a long word.

The sign has since been fixed to the correct spelling, which viewers can see for themselves with the new "butter cow" webcam.

How does one make butter all better? Behrends said a designer scraped off the letters and simply reattached new ones with a softer butter. Good thing it wasn't marble.

People on social media also got a good laugh over the misspelling:

The butter cow, which is commissioned by the Midwest Dairy Association, is an annual tradition at the fair, dating back to the 1920s. To create the sculpture, Pratt used about 500 pounds of butter to mold the cow by hand and it took her two days.

Lesson learned? Don’t have a cow if you make a misspelling in butter — it's a pretty easy fix!