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IHOP slammed for posting 'offensive' sonogram image on Mother's Day

Pancakes stacked inside a uterus ... what could go wrong?
/ Source: TODAY

This week, IHOP certainly doesn't stand for "International House of Puns."

On Sunday, the pancake chain set out to wish "all the moms out there" a Happy Mother's Day with an unusual image posted on social media. But instead of garnering laughs from followers, the restaurant received an outpouring of negative comments ranging from disgust to disappointment.

"If you have pancakes in your tum tum, does that make you a pancake mum mum? Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the moms out there!" the chain captioned a photo of an ultrasound with a uterus that appeared to be pregnant — with a giant stack of pancakes.

The failed farce is basically referring to that overly full feeling one gets from eating too much as having a "food baby." Of course, it's also reminiscent of kids' impressions that a baby grows in "mommy's tummy."

But all of the grownups out there (ya know, the ones with social media accounts) pointed out to the breakfast chain that babies do not, in fact, grow in mommy's tummy and (even pretending) to confuse a stomach with a uterus isn't funny.

A lot of tweeters thought comparing pancakes to an unborn child was not only insensitive but was extremely odd considering the critical national conversation surrounding women's reproductive rights.

Many mocked the chain for actually going through with posting the tweet.

And many others simply thought it was in poor taste.

Some savvy trollers called out the chain for its apparent stab at a new marketing ploy, which certainly wouldn't be its first.

In June 2018, IHOP declared that it was changing its name to (IHOB). Predictably, people freaked out, pushing the pancake house into the national spotlight. The restaurant's team soon fessed up that the whole thing was a joke, and it was later revealed that IHOB stood for "International House of Burgers" to promote the chain's new line of savory lunch options.

But the Mother's Day post, whether it was meant to be funny or just another grabby PR stunt, struck tweeters as crossing an inappropriate line. Next year, IHOP's team should probably take a cue from customers and stick to singing syrup bottles instead.

Until then, IHOP will be known for serving up flapjacks — with a side of flopped jokes.