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Here's how to get IHOP pancakes for 60 cents today

Because we deserve a little something after all those name changes.
/ Source: TODAY

IHOP has put its customers and devoted fans through the wringer in the past month. First, the chain announced that it changed its name to IHOB and the internet lost its mind. Then, last week, the chain announced that the name change was just a marketing stunt and changed its name back to IHOP.

Let's just say, after the switcheroo, IHOP's fans deserve a little something, and today they get it in the form of pancakes.

That's because the chain is celebrating its 60th birthday with 60-cent pancakes until 7 p.m. — and yes, it’s a flippin’ good deal (pun intended). A little breakfast-for-dinner sounds like a pretty good treat today.

International House of Pancakes restaurants nationwide are offering short stacks of the buttermilk pancakes for the special price to celebrate the day in 1958 when brothers Al and Jerry Lapin opened up the first restaurant in Toluca Lake, California.

Get your 60 cent IHOP pancakes July 17 until 7 pm. Denver Post via Getty Images

The buttermilk pancakes were the ones that “started it all” for the restaurant, according to a press release from the company.

Today, there are more than 1,750 of these franchised restaurants across the U.S. and around the world that center around pancakes and made-to-order breakfast all day long.

And yes, they do have other non-breakfast foods too, as we all were reminded when they changed the name briefly last month to IHOB to promote their new burgers.

The name-change caused some serious freak-outs from fans of the restaurant on social media. Many thought it was a joke, which it did turn out to be.

But, we can assure you the 60-cent pancakes deal for July 17 is real, no jokes about it.

The plate of three pancakes, which regularly cost $4.79, is actually cheaper today at 60 cents than it was six decades ago, according to the company. So if you’re craving pancakes, you might want to get on that.