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The internet is freaking out over these adorably realistic ice cream puppies

They may taste sweet, but these ice cream puppies are horrifying the internet.
TODAY Food tease for ice cream puppies
Courtesy of Fiona Kuo
/ Source: TODAY

These ice cream puppies are a dog lover's dream ... or a total nightmare.

For those who have tired of unicorn ice cream and desire a dessert that looks like a darling, furry little creature, Art Kitchen in Taiwan knows just how to fulfill that special craving. The shop's hyper-realistic edible puppies resemble baby shar-peis.

They appear to be fuzzy, have curly little tails and cute little wrinkles in all the right places. But unlike a real pet, customers are expected to eat these adorable creatures right after they buy them. The resulting contract of emotions is sending the internet into a tailspin.

Don't give us those puppy-dog eyes. We'll put the spoon down, we promise!

The canine creations, according to UPI, come in three flavors (peanut, chocolate or milk tea) and cost $6 each. That might seem pricey for ice cream but the gelateria only makes 100 delectable dogs per day and each serving takes five hours to make.

Since the creation has gone viral, social media isn't sure if the snackable pups look yummy or creepy, a debate similar to when a British baker created life-size cake version of her toddler twin daughters.

One tweeter wrote about sticking "to scoops."

Several called the dish "disturbing."

And some just think it's way to similar to the real thing.

Then there are, of course, some funny tweets about what dogs might think of this trend ...

And a few foodies who wouldn't mind a taste ... likely the same adventurous dessert enthusiasts who'd love a bowl of mayonnaise-flavored ice cream.

While the Internet is going crazy over these lifelike treats, some tweeters allege they'd had them before — at someone's home!

Those are some impressive pups!