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Make the most of canned white beans with these 3 easy and healthy recipes

Elena Besser marinates canned white beans and uses them to make a creamy pasta sauce and hearty stew.
Elena Besser
/ Source: TODAY

Canned beans are an essential for any well-stocked pantry. They are an excellent source of protein as well as a wide array of other vitamins and essential nutrients. Plus, the sky is the limit when it comes to ways to use them into tasty dishes. Chef and television show host Elena Besser shows us how to make the most of canned white beans with three easy and delicious prep-ahead recipes. She shows us, from home, how to prepare marinated beans with fresh herbs, white bean and black pepper pasta and hearty white bean stew.

Easy Marinated Beans

This is one of my favorite way to serve beans. These beans are under 10 ingredients, packed with a ton of flavor and they also last in the fridge for up to three weeks.

This is the most genius way to use leftover beans. By mashing the beans with some reserved pasta water, you create this wonderfully velvety, creamy, rich sauce that perfectly coats pasta and makes for a deliciously filling and easy dinner.

Miso-White Bean Stew

Miso paste is the secret to making this stew so deeply flavorful. When paired with the earthy beans, fresh greens and fragrant aromatics the combination is much greater than the sum of its simple — and healthy — parts.

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