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See how a Starbucks barista showed his love for Michael Phelps

The scribbled name on his coffee cup got a laugh out of the Olympian.
/ Source: TODAY

Starbucks baristas are notorious for hilariously misspelling people's names on cups — even if you're a celeb like Helen Hunt or TODAY's Hoda Kotb. But when Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps recently inspected the name scribbled on his Starbucks cup, he had a good laugh.

No, the barista didn't spell his name "Felps" or "Mychael."

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On his cup, the barista wrote: "The GOAT." His wife, Nicole's, cup read, "Wife of the GOAT," and his friend's, "Friend of the GOAT."

No, the barista was not calling Phelps a barnyard animal. "GOAT" is an acronym for Greatest of All Time, a reference to Phelps' status as the most-decorated Olympic athlete in history, with a total of 28 medals, 23 of which are gold.

"Interesting names on our cups today [smiley face, monkey emoji] made us all laugh," Phelps wrote on Instagram.

And no, the couple's son, Boomer, did not appear to order a "Babyccino" aka steamed milk. Though we couldn't help but notice that the GOAT orders a eye-popping four shots in his grande drink.

Phelps, who announced his retirement late last summer on TODAY, did not disclose the location of the Starbucks, but he did hashtag it #hiltonvillage, so we hope he's taking a much-needed spring break vacation.

After dating on-and-off for eight years, the Olympian and his wife married in a secret ceremony early last summer, then again at a 50-person ceremony in October in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

There's been speculation out there that the attention-grabbing names on cups are an orchestrated way of giving Starbucks free advertising on social media. Either way, it's become a fun, eye-rolling pastime to check out one's cup to see how the barista mangled one's name.

Our own Hoda Kotb got the Starbucks' misspelling treatment earlier this year, when a barista wrote "Oda" on her cup.

In true Hoda fashion, Hoda laughed it off, saying, "At least it's not Yoda."