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See how marshmallow Peeps are made, from start to finish

It just wouldn't be Easter without those colorful little chicks and bunnies.
/ Source: TODAY

It just wouldn’t be Easter without Peeps, but what, exactly are they made of and how are they made?

TODAY Food visited the Peeps factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to see how the beloved Easter treats are made. It turns out those brightly-colored chicks and bunnies take quite a ride before making it into your Easter basket.

How Peeps are made

April 14, 201701:11

What are Peeps made of?

There are only four ingredients in marshmallow Peeps: sugar, corn syrup, gelatin and air.

Peeps come in 60 flavors, from sour cherry to lemon-lime, and even new mystery flavors. This factory makes over 5.5 million Peeps a day. In total, that means the factory makes 2 billion Peeps a year!

How do they make Peeps?

First the sugar, corn syrup and gelatin are mixed together. Then the mixture is pumped with air to make it light and fluffy before it's extruded into those signature animal shapes over a conveyor belt.

Then the Peeps go through a colorful sugar shower. The finishing touch is a zap from a special laser that makes sure each Easter animal gets eyes.

The treats are then boxed up, wrapped in cellophane and loaded onto trucks for delivery to stores around the world. Next stop: Easter baskets, of course!

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This article was originally published April 14, 2017.