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How to order Starbuck's new summery Orange Drink

The trendy new secret Orange Drink is peachy, sweet and refreshingly vegan.
totallythebombdotcom/ Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Is winter feeling a little too dark and gloomy these days? If you're in the mood for a vibrant iced beverage to brighten up your Instagram feed, there's a new Starbucks drink sweeping through social media this month.

Fans are calling it "The Orange Drink" and say it tastes like Peach Gummi Rings, the beloved sweet-and-sour gummy candy that doubles as an edible fashion accessory.

On Feb. 3, pop culture and parenting blog posted a guide detailing how the latest in a slew of rainbow-hued beverages is made.

This concoction comes on the heels of other trendy iced beverages like Starbucks' wildly popular Unicorn Frappuccino and other secret swirling rainbow drinks Even though it's still winter, customers can't wait to get their hands on this peachy potion.

"I want one," one follower wrote on Totally the Bomb's Instagram.

"Oh my god!!! I need it," another person pined.

So how does one obtain a secret Orange Drink?

Well, it's on the chain's secret menu, so in order to enjoy it, you'll need to know how to make it.

The secret menu consists of drinks (sometimes created by baristas, often created by fans) that haven't been approved by corporate to appear on the store's menu board, but they use all the same regular syrups, bases and toppings that appear in the usual suspects. The recipes often circulate by word of mouth before landing on social media. If a drink really surges in popularity, like Jenna Bush Hager's go-to cold remedy called a Medicine Ball or the Pink Ombré drink, Starbucks may promote it to official menu status.

According to Totally the Bomb, here's how to request the new Orange Drink: ask for a Venti-sized half sweet black tea lemonade, half peach tea, then add a splash of soy milk. The drink should be shaken and served over ice.

This isn't the first time a mandarin-colored drink from Starbucks has popped up on Instagram. Invented by a barista in Orange County, California, who named it as an ode to his community and its hue, the first "Orange Drink" gained some buzz in 2016 after Foodbeast shared the recipe. That drink was made with orange-mango juice, vanilla bean powder and coconut milk on ice, served shaken or fizzed.