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How much meat do you eat off chicken wings? Chart ignites Twitter debate

Life is too short for half-eaten chicken wings.
hungry woman at fast food restaurant
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/ Source: TODAY

If you're the kind of person that simply nibbles the crisp skin and first layer of dark meat off your chicken wing before tossing it aside, many on Twitter have shown up to say you're doing it wrong ... terribly wrong.

On Wednesday, a tweet categorizing the five types of chicken wing eaters took flight, creating a viral feud regarding just how much chicken you should be eating off the bone.

According the chart, if you're a "1," you're the aforementioned measly muncher. A "3" is the type who gets solidly invested in the middle meat but abandons the gristly tips. And, as one can guess, a "5" leaves nothing but the bone behind.

While Twitter uses expressed a range of honest answers (including the poster: a 3½), the most devoted by far were those who claimed to be 5s or even 6s (6 is not even on the chart). Because if you're not sucking every last bite off the bone ... well, for shame.

Some felt the 1s out there deserve to be banned from restaurants.

Others said only two types of people can actually be 1s.

Someone did chime in to defend the character of those who might lean towards the low end of the chart.

Chrissy Teigen, of course, had a lot to say on the topic.

And then there were those who classified off the chart ... including TODAY Food editor Emi Boscamp.

“I am a 5 ... but only because 6 isn’t an option. It’s disrespectful to the chicken if you don’t clean your wing," said Boscamp. "Plus, the best parts are the close-to-the-bone meat and all that crunchy cartilage."

So for all the 1s out there, maybe it's time to plunge into the unknown crevices of your wing. Whip up a piping plate of chicken wings drenched in sauce — and then be bold! Be courageous! Life is too short for half-eaten chicken wings!