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What is the perfect Oreo? Your opinion could be worth $100,000

Milk’s favorite cookie has a lot of different looks.
/ Source: TODAY

Most Oreo lovers have a preferred creme-to-cookie ratio. This year, Oreo will pay some lucky person big bucks to voice their opinion on this common conundrum.

Most Stuf Oreos are making their highly anticipated return (for the second time) on Jan. 20. The over-the-top cookie will join its crunchy comrades on store shelves for a limited time across the country and, to celebrate their return, Mondelez (Oreo's parent company) wants to know just how much people love — or hate — super-stuffed cookie sandwiches with a contest.

Since their debut in October 2018, Most Stuf Oreos have caused quite the stir on social media.

Plenty of people celebrate when the cookies are released.

"They could take the cookies completely out and only have the creme disks in the package and it STILL wouldn't be enough creme," one person said on Facebook.

Others say the amount of "Most Stuf" creme is just way too much of a good thing.

"Seriously. What are they trying to do, kill us? is this some secret way of decreasing the population? 😂," wrote another.

Oreo Most Stuf
Do you love Most Stuf Oreos or is too much frosting too much of a good thing?Munchiebunchie/Instagram

Since the amount of creme in a cookie can be incredibly divisive, the folks at Mondelez decided to officially ask Oreo lovers to vote on their favorite type of cookie for the chance to win a $100,000 prize. Entering is simple: All you have to do is choose your favorite Oreo online between now and March 15.

The contest includes five types of Oreos, four of which have permanent spots at the grocery store.

Oreo Thins, which launched in 2015, have the least amount of creme and — let's be real, here — probably the least of amount fans.

Thins' biggest selling point is that less creme equals less calories.

Then there's the trusty, average-sized Original Oreo for people who probably just don't like change.

Double Stuf has long been the creamiest option for those who love the vanilla filling, but it's since been unseated by the Mega Stuf. The Most Stuf has three times the amount of creme as original Oreos and are so hefty that only five cookies fit in one sleeve. These cookies are probably for the people who just discard the crunchy chocolate part anyway.

To give fans a taste of something extra sweet, Oreo will be hosting in-person pop-ups in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles in the coming months. People in these areas can enter the contest by voting in person and, according to an Oreo spokesperson, slide down a three-story slide. The rep would not confirm whether the slide would be filled with creme.

Oreo is keeping quiet on when it will officially announce the winning contestant ... and the country's favorite cookie. Until then, people probably won't stop debating about which Oreo truly has the right amount of "stuf."