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How many Southern foods have you tried? Jenna, Savannah and Craig take viral quiz

These Southern staples might not be so popular in other parts of the country.

Do you consider chess pie, pickled pigs feet and po’boys among some of your favorite foods?

Well, bless your heart, you might just be sho'nuff Southern.

The lifestyle website It's a Southern Thing recently released a quiz on its Instagram page that claims to test how Southern a person is by the number of famous Southern dishes they've eaten in a lifetime.

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21. Boom.

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They captioned the post, "Y'all fess up, how many will you eat?"

TODAY anchors Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager reviewed the list and revealed their numbers Thursday morning.

Bush Hager, who is from Texas, received an impressive score of 23, putting her in the highest possible category: "Sho'nuff Southern"

For all the Yankees out there, “sho’nuff” is a combination of "sure" and "enough" and it's quintessential Southern slang for a near-perfect example of something.

Guthrie, who was actually born in Australia but raised in Arizona, earned a modest score of 15, putting her one category below Hager as "Born and Breaded."

The hosts went back and forth comparing their lists and discussing some of their favorite items. Bush Hager is a big fan of chess pie, which is basically made with a lot of butter, sugar and eggs.

Guthrie admitted there were some dishes on the list that she had never heard of before, although she had eaten chicken livers.

Bush Hager also admitted to eating chicken livers since they were one of her mom's, former first lady Laura Bush's, favorite dishes.

TODAY anchor and South Carolina native Craig Melvin also joined in on the fun by posting the quiz to Instagram Wednesday night. He boasted a scored of 21, which put him in the “Sho’nuff Southern” category with Jenna.

Craig has mentioned before that shrimp and grits, also on the list, is one of his all-time favorite dishes. Not only does he loves eating it, but he also makes "a mean version" at home.

Another friendly face, NBC correspondent Morgan Radford (who is originally from North Carolina), commented on Craig's post, saying, “I literally thought everyone ate these things...”

Do you enjoy classic Southern cuisine? Take the quiz for yourself and see how you compare to your favorite TODAY hosts.