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Charcuterie chalets are the gingerbread houses of 2020

If you're a sweet tooth, move on from this trend. If you love a good meat and cheese plate, pull up a seat.
Forget Arby's — these charcuterie chalets have the meats.
Forget Arby's — these charcuterie chalets have the meats.TODAY Illustration / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

From candy canes to Christmas cookies and fruit cake, the holiday season seriously overlooks savory foods. Finally, though, it seems like all things salty and cheesy will get their due this December, thanks to the latest viral trend among foodies: Pack up your gingerbread house and move into the charcuterie chalet!

That's what the internet has dubbed these delicious-looking architectural marvels taking Twitter and Instagram by storm. From salami roof shingles to cucumber lawns and cheese stick facades, all held together with soft cheese, there's nothing a charcuterie chalet can't have! Except, perhaps, sweets.

This one won't let its savory aesthetic limit the holiday cheer it delivers. The snowman, according to the maker's comments on Instagram, is made of black truffle goat cheese with a prosciutto hat and scarf. The house itself is made of homemade crackers and held together with cream cheese.

The mini-baguette siding on this one is delightful enough to tickle all the senses! The salami wreath is also a nice touch, as is the cheese wheel holding up a sprig of rosemary to look like a Christmas tree. The Instagram user, SunPork Fresh Foods, also offers a guide on how to make a charcuterie chalet.

Carnivores will love this meaty creation. According to its architect, the house is made of speck, prosciutto, multiple types of salami, including venison, and bacon bits. The colors of the cured meat siding and the precise cuts of the sausage chimney make this chalet especially appealing.

You'll never realize how much cheese can resemble snow until you get a glimpse of this edible, wintery abode. Made from several types of pretzels and crackers, and cheese in many forms, this chalet is more of a cabin, complete with dueling almond and pepperoni walkways.

Last but not least, this charcuterie chalet comes with a side of the most important holiday food group, wine in a fancy glass. The pistachios arranged like a Christmas tree in the corner are a fun seasonal touch and the various cured meats on the roof are downright drool-worthy.

The charcuterie chalet is not without controversy, however. Many have protested that they're less festive and practical because meat and dairy shouldn't sit out a room temperature. That's a fair point, so perhaps you make your meat tiny home and simply snap a picture before devouring?

While all those grievances are legitimate, let's all recognize that 2020 has been tough. The more edible décor, the better!