Your party needs a watermelon keg — here's how to make one

/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing better on a hot summer day than than a cool, refreshing beverage. Just thinking about sipping on a crisp fruity drink poolside is enough to transport us to a dreamy slice of paradise.

Now imagine if that drink were being served to you out of the fruit that lent that sweet nectar to your delicious indulgence. Gasp!

It seems too good to be true, this watermelon keg is actually super simple to make! Follow these seven easy steps and you'll be sipping pretty in no time.

1. Cut off a thin slice at the bottom of the watermelon. This will allow you to stand the fruit upright.

2. Cut off the top of the watermelon.

3. Scoop out the watermelon, setting aside the fleshy inside to use for later. Be sure to leave about two inches on the bottom to act as a base for your bowl.

4. Puree the scooped out remnants in a blender and strain over a pitcher. If you'd like, you can turn this into a boozy beverage by adding your favorite spirit. We added 1 cup of vodka, but gin and tequila work great as well! To sweeten the deal, add a quarter cup of simple syrup and a quarter cup of fresh lime juice.

5. Use an apple corer to cut a hole near the bottom of the watermelon — just be careful not to cut into the base itself.

6. Place a spigot into the hole, and voila! Your homemade keg is complete!

7. Fill the fruit container with your watermelon cocktail and serve. Garnish with mint for an added pop of color.