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How to make an Aperol spritz: A delicious summer drink

Aperol is an Italian aperitif that can perk up any classic cocktail.
/ Source: TODAY

Arguably one of the most refreshing aperitivos, the Aperol spritz is as easy to make as it is to enjoy. Aperol has a lower alcohol content than liquors and most wines, making it an ideal pre-dinner libation that's light and refreshing enough for any summer evening.

A classic Italian Aperol spritz recipe contains just three ingredients: three parts prosecco, two parts Aperol and one part sparkling water — all served over ice. Once you find a ratio that suits your taste buds, experiment by adding extras like different fresh fruits or an herbaceous accent, like mint.

This sparkling Aperol punch is perfect for any party. In addition to Aperol, this perky punch contains Galliano, a sweet herbal liqueur. Fresh oranges, lemons and raspberries provide a not-to-sweet finish to this floral beverage.

Carson Daly's Aperol Spritz

To make his Aperol spritz, Carson Daly uses a surprising ingredient: Fresca soda. "My wife, Siri, adores it this drink!" said Carson. Siri Daly loves Carson's take because it's "refreshing" without being overly sweet.

If you're in the mood for a boozier version of the classic pre-dinner drink, this Aperol spritz recipe with vodka will do the trick. Depending on your taste buds, it's easy to customize this recipe with a splash of juice or more prosecco.

Frozen Aperol Spritz

Make a classic Aperol spritz even more refreshing by turning it into a boozy slushy. Citrusy oranges and lemons complement the bitterness of the aperitif.

If you love the taste of Aperol but don't feel like consuming alcohol, Martha Stewart's summery grapefruit spritz offers the best of both worlds. Made with Sanbitter, an Italian soda that tastes a bit like Campari, this fizzy, slightly bitter beverage is a sophisticated mocktail everyone can enjoy.