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How to make pancakes on a sheet pan (sheet pancakes?)

Serve the whole family with just one baked pancake instead of standing at the stove.

Finally, after a long winter, the weather is slowly getting warmer and the sun is staying out for longer. To celebrate, Alejandra Ramos is joining TODAY to host a daylight saving breakfast bonanza — including recipes for sunny citrus sheet-pan pancakes (sheet pancakes?) and lemon curd- and coconut-stuffed French toast.

Sunny Citrus Sheet-Pan Pancakes

Breakfast is a breeze with these sunny citrus- and maple-topped pancakes that are baked in a sheet pan so everyone can enjoy them at the same time! Serve them for an easy family brunch or as meal-prepped breakfast to be warmed up throughout the week.

Lemon Curd- & Coconut-Stuffed French Toast

Tangy lemon curd adds bright flavor to this coconut milk-soaked French toast. Top it off with toasted coconut and a sprinkle of sugar for a next-level breakfast.

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