Make mulled wine for the holiday with these easy recipes

This crowd-pleasing holiday cocktail is surprisingly easy to whip up.
Glasses of mulled wine, orange slices and cinnamon stars on cloth and wooden tray
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By Erica Chayes Wida

When the weather outside is frightful, what better way to cozy up than with a hot, spiced cocktail?

Mulled wine is a warm drink that is made by simmering wine with brandy or cognac, sugar and wintry spices. There are many different ways to make the drink but whichever way one chooses, the process leads to a home filled with the scent of cloves, cinnamon, allspice and citrus.

Although some wine snobs may not like the idea of altering a good thing, there are many sommeliers who appreciate the joy of a quality mulled wine. Here are some of TODAY Food's favorite recipes to warm your belly, mind and holiday spirit.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

Maureen Petrosky

A simple way to make mulled wine is in the slow cooker, and this recipe is a home run. All you need equipment-wise is a slow cooker or a pot and a ladle. Like any other cocktail, you can put your personal spin on this recipe with additions of sweeter ingredients like apple cider or pear nectar, or spice it up with fresh sliced ginger or cloves.

DIY Mulled Wine

DIY Mulled Wine

Krista Simmons

Put cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla bean and allspice into a little sachet that will infuse the wine as it boils. This method works the way brewing tea does, only with a bottle of Grenache and brandy instead of water. And, hey, nobody's complaining.

Siri's Traditional Glogg

Glogg is another name for mulled wine and it's certainly a hit during the Daly's Thanksgiving. While it's known that TODAY's Carson knows how to whip up a good cocktail, his wife, Siri, provides a virgin alternative in this recipe that's great for the whole family.

Julie Reiner, owner of Clover Club in Brooklyn, New York, believes that there is no better way to heat up your party than a bowl of warm punch. This recipe takes mulled wine and turns it on its head by adding Campari and cranberries to the mix.

This may be the mulled wine recipe to end all mulled wine recipes. With all the wintry spices and notes of citrus, it’ll warm you right up from the inside!