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Can you make hard-boiled eggs in your air fryer? We tried the viral TikTok technique

Achieve perfectly yellow, not-at-all-chalky hard-boiled eggs — without the boiling.
TikToker shows how to make hard-boiled eggs in the air fryer
This is egg-zactly what your meal-prep needs.
/ Source: TODAY

It's a whole new way to meal prep hard boiled eggs, courtesy of Lainie Amoruso, a food blogger who loves sharing healthy meal ideas with her followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Amoruso (aka @lainiecooks) recently went on a mission to "make eggs cool again" (though when were they ever un-cool?), sharing a TikTok that's been viewed over one million times, in which she reveals her tried-and-true method for hard-boiling eggs — in her air fryer.

"Put it on 250 degrees for about 15 minutes," Amoruso instructs in the video. "When you're done, you're going to want to put them in an ice bath. This just makes them easier to peel."

Amoruso, who lives in Santa Monica, California, told TODAY Food she used to find hard-boiled eggs "rubbery and overcooked" when she'd try boiling them, but because of their health benefits, she wanted to find a way to make better hard-boiled eggs.

I tried Amoruso's air-fryer technique, cooking my eggs at 250 F for 15 minutes.Terri Peters

"I think they've gotten a bad rap over the years based on the old school way of making them," Amoruso said. "Hard boiled eggs are an amazing source of protein and the yolks contain choline, which helps your brain function at its best."

Amoruso said she tried a few different temperatures and time frames before nailing down the formula for the perfect air-fryer hard-boiled egg. And she's not alone: Over the past year, plenty of other food bloggers have had similar ideas, given the popularity of the appliance.

After the air fryer, the eggs get transferred to an ice bath to cool before peeling.Terri Peters

I tried this now-viral technique at home and also achieved hard-boiled egg perfection.

My version had a perfectly yellow, not-at-all-chalky center and peeled easily — perfect as a standalone snack or as a topping for avocado toast, which is one of Amoruso's favorite ways to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

"I also love to make them into avocado deviled eggs or meal prep them into paleo egg salads," she said. "And, I chop them up and add them to Cobb salads or simple salads with avocado and hard boiled eggs."

When it comes to air-frying eggs, I'm now a believer.Terri Peters

For Amoruso, the updated take on a meal-prep staple was also about convenience.

"I don't like spending hours in the kitchen, so I love coming up with healthy recipes with minimal ingredients or finding healthy hacks to make meal prepping a little easier," she said. "With my air frying method, it takes less time overall, there's less mess and they come out perfect every time."