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This viral Twitter thread shows how to make your salads less 'dull and flavorless'

Make 2020 the year of fun and flavorful salads.
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone's been there: In an effort to eat healthier and save money, you bring a salad to work for lunch. By the time lunch rolls around, it's sad, soggy and honestly disappointing to eat. It's not the reward you deserve for everything you've accomplished before noon.

Luckily, one viral Twitter thread has some handy tips to make sure you never eat a boring desk salad again.

"I've got some NEWS for you people about WHY your salads are dull and flavorless," wrote author and television producer Elan Gale. "Are you ready for some NEWS???"

What follows is a very passionate, nine-step thread full of helpful tips, tasty ingredients and advice that even well-seasoned cooks can appreciate.

1. Treat each ingredient individually.

"You're forgetting to SEASON your ingredients," wrote Gale, making good use of the Caps Lock button. "Acting like the DRESSING is all that matters. Cucumbers and tomatoes need SALT and PEPPER. Avocados need CITRUS."

Gale recommended treating each ingredient "as if you were going to eat (it) individually."

And when it comes to dressings, don't be scared to step outside the bottle and try something homemade. All you need is olive oil, a vinegar of choice, citrus and a homogenizing agent that will pull it all together.

2. Mix up your greens.

Instead of using just one green as the base, or constantly relying on a less flavorful option like iceberg lettuce (which can still make for a solid salad!), Gale recommends trying something a little more colorful.

"Use some arugula, use field greens, use romaine hearts, use frisee," he wrote. He added in a follow-up tweet that you could also use herbs for additional flavor.

"Why aren't you using herbs?" he asked. "Use whatever herbs you can find! Parsley, cilantro, chervil, nasturtium, basil, and and all of it. STOP NOT USING HERBS."

Thai Niçoise Salad

3. Spice it up!

The real downfall of a salad can be a lack of flavor. To fix that, Gale recommends trying all sorts of ingredients.

"Don't be afraid to use things with FLAVOR and SPICE!" he wrote. "Have you ever heard of RADISHES? JALAPEÑOS? Add some damn SPICE in there!"

In a second tweet, he added that condiments like horseradish, mustard, minced garlic, Tabasco or fish sauce could all help bring salads to a mouthwatering new level.

"Try stuff. Add flavors. Try new things!" he wrote.

Roasted Veggie Kale Salad

4. When in doubt, top it with feta.

Swap out cold, fridge-temperature shredded mozzarella for feta cheese kept at room temperature.

"What, you don't like feta cheese?" Gale asked. "Do you not like FLAVOR?"

5. Don't be afraid to get creative.

Gale concluded his thread with a reminder that nobody should be scared to play around with ingredients and find out what works best for them.

"DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PLAY," he wrote. "Raid your fridge. Raid your pantry. Use spices before they go bad. Use veggies you would otherwise throw away. HAVE FUN!

"Your salad is only going to be as boring as you allow it to be."

Take his tips, unleash them on your greens and enjoy a 2020 full of not-at-all-sad desk salads.