How to keep party drinks cold without watering them down with ice

/ Source: TODAY

If you're as big of a Pinterest fanatic as we are, you probably think you've seen it all and then some. But, as is the case with most Pinterest hacks, there's always a new invention waiting to hack your party/closet/wardrobe/life. And we've got the next one.

It's a genius way to cool down your guests at your next summer party, and you don't even need an ice tray to make it happen. Frozen ice cubes with fruit, flowers, and herbs are so 2014 anyway.

TODAY Show: Food hacks, frozen berry drink stirrerSamantha Okazaki / TODAY

We're deconstructing those cubes and simply freezing fruit on skewers directly. Slip the skewers into cocktail glasses (be sure to size up your glasses and cut the skewers to size!). It's a simple and stunning way to make use of leftover fruit salad ingredients.

TODAY Show: Food hacks, frozen berry stirrersSamantha Okazaki / TODAY

Simply skewer berries in whatever pattern you like, then freeze for at least 2 hours and place in glasses just before serving your guests.

Try choosing fruits that complement the flavors of your drink. If you're serving a piña colada or a mai tai, for instance, go for frozen pineapple slices.

TODAY Show: Food hacks, frozen berry stirrersSamantha Okazaki / TODAY

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