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Here's the smart trick for keeping fresh herbs from going bad

You decide to be Martha and make a dish that needs four fresh herbs — literally a tablespoon of each. How do you save the rest? We got you.
/ Source: TODAY

Today Food has joined forces with Well+Good all summer long to help you step up your food game and stay healthy. So go make yourself a 3-ingredient kale salad and some good-for-you "nice " cream while you learn how to save your herbs.

Look, we’ve all been there. You decide to be Martha Stewart for the night and make a recipe that requires four different fresh herbs — literally a tablespoon of each. You have to buy a full bunch of each one. And while you have wild dreams of cooking amazing herby dishes all week long, by Day 3 you’ve done no such thing and your fridge is full of sad, brown, rotting herbs and overall stankness.

There’s an unlikely savior: the humble ice cube tray!

You can’t just throw herbs straight in the freezer (it just doesn’t keep the flavor).

Instead, put them in ice cube trays and fill with water, or even olive oil, for a smart cooking trick so you’ll be all set the next time you want to play hostess with the mostest.

Watch the video above to learn how to make your own herb ice cubes—and then head to Well+Good for 10 more healthy and delicious ice cube hacks.

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