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By Tracy Saelinger

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We're big fans of no-waste cooking, but sometimes you just don't need that whole lemon, onion — or pricey avocado.

Enter the Food Huggers: Reusable, silicone food savers that keep produce — or even open cans or jars —fresh in the fridge. We also love the Avo Saver (more on that in a minute).

Farberware Food Huggers, $10 for 4, Amazon

Farberware's new Food Huggers recently showed up on our desk, so I decided to test them out — and ever since, I've been keeping them handy in the kitchen drawer below my prep station, instead of reaching for plastic wrap.

This particular pack above comes with four sizes, to accommodate larger fruits and veggies, like tomatoes or onions, and smaller ones, like citrus (or even cucumber).

They fit on all sorts of fruits and veggies: lemons, limes, tomatoes, onions (or if you want to get fancy, persimmons, shown here!).Amazon

They're easy to use: Simply pop the half-cut fruit or veggie into the little silicone pod, and store in the fridge.

Bonus: The produce drawer looks a lot more organized than when there used to be a bunch of (wasteful) plastic baggies of half-used veggies in there.

In our tests, the Food Huggers kept citrus from getting dried out better than plastic wrap.Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

In addition to keeping the fridge more organized, the huggers wrap around fruits and veggies and keep the produce from drying out.

They also fit easily on open cans — my kids eat a lot of black beans, but never an entire can at a time —so these come in handy. I also use them on mason jars, instead of those annoying ones with the metal rings.

Aside from veggies, we also used the the Food Huggers on open cans and jars, with great results.Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

Then, of course, there's the avocado — my favorite avo saver is still, well, the Avo Saver, a trusty gadget that's been with me for years.

Avo Saver, $12 for 2, Amazon

What I love best is its ease of use: Slap the avocado on there, and buckle it in with the easy-to-snap strap. (If I have a lime handy, I sprinkle some lime juice on the avocado for extra assurance.)

It fits snuggly, keeping air out, and avocados greener, longer. I use it constantly, and recommend the two-pack, as one will, no doubt, constantly be in the dishwasher. (One Amazon reviewer recommends keeping the extra one at work.)

The Avo Saver reduces a halved avocado's exposure to air, keeping it greener, longer.Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

Another reviewer was "shocked to find [the avocado] in perfect edible condition" after a week.

It's a deceptively simple product with a cult following.