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Juice a watermelon in seconds with Alton Brown's genius hack

It takes all the work out of juicing a watermelon. That way, you can make watermelon cocktails in a snap!
/ Source: TODAY

Alton Brown, your timing is impeccable.

Just as watermelons are starting to pour into markets — on the cheap! — the culinary mad scientist has come up with the ultimate hack for juicing a watermelon.

Brown posted a video of the technique, below, which Food52 tipped us off to, and we're glad they did — his technique takes all the annoyance and messiness out of juicing a watermelon. You no longer have to break it down, slice and dice it — he just cuts a whole in the thing, inserts an immersion blender and calls it a day.

Here are the steps:

1. With a biscuit cutter, he makes an impression at the top of the watermelon by pressing it into the tough outer rind.

2. Using a knife, he then works his way around the circle, then lifts a circular chunk of rind from the melon.

3. In goes the immersion blender: He uses the handy tool to pulverize the pink part of the fruit into juice in a matter of seconds.

4. He then pours the juice into a measuring cup. Et voilà! It's ready for use in recipes (though you may need to strain it through a sieve).

Now, as for how to use all that precious juice, that's up to you — though may we suggest cocktails, popsicles and gazpacho.