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How to grill vegetables and add tons of flavor

Greens, cabbage and more veggies get delicious flavor when grilled. Here's a guide to grilling the garden from TODAY Food and Well+Good.
/ Source: TODAY

Ready to up your food game at home, by the beach, or on the grill? We can help with that: Today Food teamed up with Well+Good to not just give you advice, but to show you how it's done. (Because recipes are nice, but step-by-step videos are even better.) Each week, we'll be unveiling new videos highlighting a super-easy, delish recipe that's sure to become a go-to all year long.

We kicked off the summer with a game changing kale destemming trick (no knife needed), and last week was all about keeping skin glowing (and not burnt to a crisp). This week we’re heating things up—literally. You’ve mastered braising, blending, and even massaging your greens. And now that the weather is practically begging for the grill to be fired up, it’s time to add grilling greens to your repertoire.

Yes, just like steak or portobello mushrooms, your greens taste even better when they’re grilled. In this week’s video, we reveal the master grilling techniques for cabbage, radicchio, and romaine—and avocado for good measure. You can throw ‘em all on the grill at the same time, or step up your game with six different recipes by heading over to Well+Good.


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