How to get your dinner party off to the right start

/ Source: TODAY

Have you ever been to a dinner party where you're just B-O-R-E-D out of your mind? Like you'd prefer to be at home combing your cat's hair—and you don't even own a cat!

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Chances are that your hosts just didn't know how to get the party started right, so it was doomed to be a flop from the beginning. That wasn't the plan, of course, but there's an art to throwing a super fun shindig and it all starts the moment your guests set foot through the door.

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You'll never (ever!) make a mistake like that because TODAY Food's got you covered.

Here's the thing: it isn't really what you serve to guests that matters. If all you've got time to pull together is a case of beer, a couple of bottles of wine, a block of cheese and a sleeve of crackers, you can still make it a night to remember. It's all about your approach to making everyone feel relaxed and special.

Check out this video from TODAY Food's new series Anatomy of a Dinner Party with entertaining guru Maureen Petrosky sharing smart, easy and actionable tips for how to set the mood for your dinner party from the moment your guests arrive.