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How to get fresh produce delivered to your door — while supporting local farms

Farmbox Direct is making getting fresh food easier.
/ Source: TODAY

Ashley Tyrner, founder and CEO of Farmbox Direct, is out to change how Americans eat. The service delivers fresh produce straight to your door, making healthy diets more accessible.

"I had a really hard time having accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables that were great, organic produce," Tyrner told TODAY's Jill Martin. "And it turns out, across the country, I'm not the only person with this problem."

After a difficult period in her personal life, Tyrner was left in such severe financial distress that she went on government assistance, including food stamps — but the help only gave her $8 a day to live off of.

"I was thinking like, "What am I gonna do?'" said Tyrner. "And so when I think of, what lives within me that's pushed me to here is hustle."

Eventually, Tyrner was able to save up enough to get off of government assistance. But now, she was still a single parent with a busy schedule, and found that she didn't have a lot of time to spend shopping for healthy food for her vegetarian daughter.

Once again, she saved and hustled to do what she had to do. In 2014, Tyrner left her job and began to build her company from the ground up, even delivering items herself to people's home as she tried to get the business off the ground.

"We originally just delivered in New York City and Brooklyn," she said. "And so it would be 11:00 at night, and I was, like, driving around with my, at the time, 3-year-old daughter, delivering Farmboxes."

Now, the company has exploded — Farmbox Direct has over 10,000 customers, and the healthy boxes ship all over the country.

Customers can choose from nine different Farmboxes in three different sizes with prices starting at $44. Whether you're looking for a small, organic sampling, a large selection of natural fruits and veggies, they've got you covered. They've even got a box curated especially for green juice fans!

Farmbox Direct Delivery, $44-69, Farmbox Direct

Part of the goal for Farmbox Direct is to support local farmers. Because of that, each box changes based on what's fresh and in-season locally. Through the Farmbox system, users can make up to 5 substitutions per box, but the variety's part of the fun!

Even Tyrner's daughter is getting in on the action. The now 7-year-old started her own monthly subscription box company (with the help of her mom, of course) called Harlow's Harvest. Every month, Harlow's Harvest members will receive a new kit to practice cooking with friends and family.

Harlow's Harvest Delivery, $19-23, Harlow's Harvest

Each kit includes three recipes, a kitchen science project to promote STEM, a new kitchen tool designed for little chefs, and a pin to add to your apron.

Sounds delicious to us!

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