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Chipotle is giving away free guacamole today — but there's a small catch

This is the day millennials have been waiting for.
/ Source: TODAY

"Guac is extra."

It's a phrase any Chipotle lover knows all too well. But wait! For one day only, the Mexican Grill chain is giving avocado fans the chance to adorn their burritos, bowls and tacos with that creamy, green goodness ... for free!

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On Tuesday, July 31, which just happens to be National Avocado Day, Chipotle is offering its customers gratis guacamole. This one-day-only freebie is something millennials and avocado-hand survivors everywhere have been yearning for forever. Well, ever since Chipotle has been around, anyway.

The chain announced the "great news" to Twitter Thursday.

The only catch? Avo-fans have to log in or setup an account on Chipotle's website or on its mobile app, create an order (it can be for an entree or a side of chips) and add guacamole. To seal the deal, enter the code "AVOCADO" at checkout and then the price of the guac add-on will magically disappear.

Needless to say, fans of chain are super excited:

They're thanking the chain:

Others just can't wait to smother themselves in sides of guac:

A guacamole giveaway isn't the first thing Chipotle has tried out to win over customers. Ever since the foodborne illness scares that lowered sales and hurt its reputation in 2015, the chain has been making big changes to boost business. It's explored new menu items, like the avocado tostada and trendy quinoa-filled burritos in lieu of rice.

On Thursday, when the chain first announced the guac giveaway, the Associated Press reported that the chain's sales figures exceeded "market expectations," in part because increased pricing helped "offset" lower numbers of diners coming through the doors.

Even more recently (and perhaps even more indicative of the chain's attempt to stay relevant), Chipotle presented a briefcase filled with a lifetime supply of free chips and guac coupons to viral rapping sensation and new mom Cardi B.

Looks like fans will get a little taste of the Cardi B-good life on Tuesday.