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How do you make the perfect mac and cheese? The internet is divided

People are still getting fired up about how this beloved comfort food should be prepared.
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/ Source: TODAY

Macaroni and cheese is one of those iconic American dishes that remains particularly close to people's hearts. But it turns out that lots of people are still very divided on the best way to prepare it.

The hearty combination of cheese, milk, butter and noodles has been integrated into important family past times in some way or another, whether it's a holiday staple or the star at the annual barbecue. This comfort food might just be more American than apple pie.

Most can agree that this dish is undeniably delicious. But does it need to remain wet and creamy, smothered in sauce? Or is it best prepared baked, with a crumbly topping like bread crumbs?

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And NBA All-Star Shaquille O'Neal's mom makes her version with three kinds of cheese, plus crushed cheese crackers on top.

Siri Daly, on the other hand, skips the oven all together and goes straight to the slow cooker for a super creamy version of the dish.

"I like Kraft Mac and Cheese," said Dylan Dreyer during the 3rd hour of TODAY. "That bright orange powder. I just feel like it makes such a delicious bowl of mac and cheese." TODAY anchor Craig Melvin's mom adds eggs to her mac and cheese to make it extra thick before popping it in the oven to earn its place in the crumbly category. He disagreed with Dylan about her preference for the boxed stuff.

"I like the baked mac and cheese," said Sheinelle Jones, as she dug into the delightful dish.

During the holiday season last year, Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms stirred the pot (pun intended) when she tweeted a photo of her baked mac and cheese. She faced a fiery backlash from supporters and detractors who deemed it unworthy.

Today, the debate continues.

While many are quick to defend their own mac and cheese methodology, it seems that those on Team Creamy and Team Crispy are close in numbers.

Some folks don't want to choose and like their mac and cheese hitting that evenly textured middle ground.

Others are firmly in favor of crumbly and crispy toppers.

And some just prefer the standard boxed stuff, like good, old-fashioned Kraft.

We'll take ours crispy. Wait, no, creamy! Actually, crispy for sure!

OK, we give up. Just give us all the mac and cheese, please.