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By Sunny Anderson

Food Network's Sunny Anderson shares some of her top grilling hacks — including keeping chicken moist, telling the temperature of beef without using a thermometer and making an easy glaze for pork with pantry items.

Keep chicken moist

The No. 1 question about grilling chicken is how to keep it juicy and cooked to temperature. A cooking hack from my catering days of frying and grilling chicken for the masses is poaching. Poach chicken on low heat in a mixture of buttermilk and chicken stock, or just stock. Once cooked through, refrigerate until ready to grill (perfect for overnight). Leave it out to get to room temperature, then place it over the indirect heat to get warm and over the direct heat to crisp the skin and glaze if your recipe calls for it. Try the recipe below!

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Beef temperature through touch

Did you know a rare steak feels most like the center of your bottom lip? Well-done feels like the tip of your nose and medium rare, the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger? These are generalizations, but if used over time, the grill master in any family will appreciate this hack!

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Pantry glaze for pork

You don't need anything fancy, just a couple items from your fridge and cupboard. Try the recipe below.