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How to cut a watermelon and other simple summer hacks

Food hacks specialist and YouTube star Katie Quinn shares simple techniques to make summer entertaining a cinch.
/ Source: TODAY

Summertime is prime food hack season — from trying to keep things cold, to needing items to thaw quickly and all of the seasonal produce that benefit from smart chopping techniques — there are endless tips and tricks to help make your life easier!

I make videos for my YouTube channel QKatie that aim to make food more approachable and fun for everyone. In that way, food hacks are the perfect topic. I hope these help you enjoy your downright delicious summer treats even more.

The grid method can help you cut most anything.


Cut the watermelon in half. Cut lateral lines, but don't cut them all the way through. Then cut a circle around the rind and cut a grid in the flesh. Then turn the watermelon over and dump out the cubes.


Cut a grid, then cut it away from the pit.

Ice cream

Run a sharp knife under hot water. Cut a grid, about an inch thick, into the ice cream. Scoop it out and enjoy!

Take it off without a struggle!

Peach skin

Boil the peach for 30 seconds. Then shock it in an ice bath. Then pinch off the skin.

Corn kernals

Place an ear of corn on the center part of a bundt pan. Using a knife, cut off the kernels so that they fall directly into the pan. This way, the kernels all stay one place and you prevent them from spilling out everywhere.

Keep your drinks cold.

Chilling bottled drinks faster

Chill a bottled drink faster by wrapping it in a cold wet paper towel, then place it in the fridge. It'll be cold in 15 minutes.

Stacking bottled drinks

Keep your bottled drinks cool in the fridge without taking up too much space by using binder clips to keep them in place so you can stack them.