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How to cook brisket to tender perfection

With only five ingredients and a three-hour cooking time, this brisket will be the surprise hit of any evening.
Achieve buttery brisket without cooking it forever.
Achieve buttery brisket without cooking it forever.Ali Rosen

I don’t know why brisket recipes always seem to take five hours and consist of 10 or more ingredients. I love a good slow-cooked piece of meat with a complex rub, but for everyday meals at home, we can’t always make that long timing work. This recipe aims to dispel the myth that those steps are necessary.

For a perfectly tender brisket, all you need is five ingredients and three hoursl.Ali Rosen

Brisket comes from the chest of the cow and has a lot of connective tissue, so it needs time to tenderize. That’s why you will most often see recipes that indicate a low temperature for a long cooking time. But it doesn’t need as much time as most people think. Three hours on 325 F will tenderize plenty, as long as your brisket is a flatter cut and doesn’t weigh much more than three pounds.

After just three hours, your brisket will be so tender and full of flavor.Ali Rosen

The key to this simpler version is to only use ingredients that pack a real punch: Pomegranate juice adds a tangy sweetness; the beef stock adds an extra dose of meatiness; the chile flakes give it some spice; and the shallots add depth. Who needs an entire spice cabinet when you have a few essential ingredients?

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The bonus is that this recipe freezes great, so if you aren’t sure you can eat a whole brisket on your own make a big pot now and then keep some in the freezer for a day when you just can’t be bothered to cook — or don’t have the many hours required to make a brisket.

You can add more if you want to make this into a full meal — onions, carrots and other hearty vegetables are a great companion — just be sure to add a bit more liquid to even it out. But with only five ingredients and a three-hour cooking time, this brisket will be the surprise hit of any evening.

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