How to bake a ham

how to bake ham
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It can be difficult to know exactly how to bake a ham because of the many different ways ham comes packaged and prepared. Here are a few pointers to a perfectly cooked, juicy cut of meat that your family is sure to enjoy.

For starters, ham is usually labeled either "partially cooked" or "fully cooked." You should follow the packer's instructions on the label. Partially cooked hams, which are also labeled "cook before eating," need to bake until the internal temperature is 155 to 160 degrees.

Fully cooked hams, also called "ready to eat," can be eaten as-is but will taste even better if baked with a glaze. Spiral-cut hams are fully cooked, cured hams that are pre-sliced to hold together for easy serving.

For boneless hams, bake at 325 degrees; for 6- to 8-pound hams, about 20 minutes per pound. For a bone-in ham, cook at 325 degrees; for up to 14 to 16 pounds, about 12 minutes per pound.

For canned ham, bake at 325 degrees; cook a 3-pound ham about 21 minutes per pound.

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