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No time in the morning? How Al Roker makes a 'hot breakfast quickly' for son Nick

Simplify your morning routine with Al's "easy peasy" trick.
/ Source: TODAY

When Al Roker shares a new recipe or cooking tip, we're all ears.

On Thursday morning, the TODAY weather anchor shared a video of himself preparing breakfast for son Nick. In the clip, Al puts the finishing touches on a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

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"A good #sticktoyourribs #breakfast for @nick.roker155 before heading out to cover this #noreaster on @todayshow," he captioned the video, referring to the winter storm that blanketed the Northeast.

Earlier this year, Al shared how he ensures Nick gets a delicious, hot breakfast every morning.

When wife Deborah Roberts is away for work, Al still prepares a filling morning meal with pancakes, eggs and bacon for Nick by getting everything ready to go before he leaves home for TODAY.

He shared his easy, make-ahead hacks in a narrated Instagram video.

"Since @debrobertsabc is on assignment, here’s how I make sure my boy has a hot breakfast in the morning before I head off to @todayshow @3rdhourtoday,” he captioned the video.

“So the trick to making a hot breakfast quickly in the morning is I pre-mix the eggs. I pre-mix the pancake batter, so I’m able to make a quick little scrambled egg mix,” Al says while pointing to separate containers holding an egg mixture and pancake batter, along with a plate of cooked scrambled eggs.

The camera then pans to a few cooked pancakes and slices of bacon.

“And then, I’ve already made the bacon. I’ve already made the pancakes now. So I just put those on the plate,” he says while prepping a pretty plate of food. “Cover the plate with foil, and then put it in the warming drawer and my boy, when he gets up in the morning, has a hot breakfast. Easy peasy.”

Al later added that he uses Pamela’s pancake mix with a few extras like "cinnamon, a little vanilla, some malted milk mix and ground flax seed" thrown in.

"Thanks darling," Al's wife commented on the informative post.

Raw, cracked eggs can be stored in the fridge for up to four days, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, so this is a great trick for anyone who wants to save a little time in the morning by getting their scramble on earlier in the week or pre-make breakfast on a not-so-busy weekend day.

When it comes to breakfast food, Al has even more hacks up his sleeve. A longtime fan of the ketogenic diet, he shared his go-to egg muffin recipe last year. The best part about this simple recipe? It takes just five ingredients and only 30 minutes to make — plus, like his trick for Nick, these savory muffins can be made ahead for any busy morning.