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By Emi Boscamp

In the third installment of Al Roker's new, original series "COLD CUTS," America's weatherman welcomes a warm front (with an even warmer handshake!) from Sean Evans, the host of the wildly popular series "Hot Ones" — the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.

Evans makes a sort-of spicy Reuben with corned beef and mayo (and we mean lots of mayo) while revealing his most insane celebrity interviews — which include a plate-smashing comic and plenty of tears — the most burning (literally) question he gets from fans, and the fact that, shockingly, he doesn't really enjoy eating super spicy foods.

Al is piling on the meats and piling on the questions ... and he even appeared on "Hot Ones" last week to take on the chicken-wing gauntlet himself!

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Forget about chicken wings for a hot second and make Sean's signature sandwich here:

And watch Al dominate the "Hot Ones" challenge here: