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A year's worth of Twinkies? Hostess employees get sweet bonus this year

What would you do with a year's supply of Twinkies, Sno Balls, and Ding Dongs?
/ Source: TODAY

Here’s an unexpected perk of the recent tax reform plan: free Twinkies!

Hostess, the maker of those iconic yellow cakes and other classic snacks like Ho Hos, Ding Dongs and Sno Balls, announced that in addition to granting its employees a one-time cash bonus, they’ll also be treating them to free Hostess goodies for a year.

Twinkies are back!

March 13, 201300:18

Every week for the next year, each Hostess bakery location will select a “product of the week” and give a multi-pack of that item to its more than 1,000 hourly bakery and corporate employees. Multi-packs range from six to 10 items per box, which means each employee will score around 500 snack cakes over the 12-month period.

With all those Ho Hos sitting around, employees might want to experiment with some new ways to try them out, like these gourmet treats. They can always deep-fry those Twinkies, too!

No-Bake Twinkie 'Hot Dogs'

In addition to the extra sweet treats, Hostess is also giving each employee a $750 cash bonus and a $500 401K contribution.

But of course, the internet seems to be more excited about the idea of free snack cakes.

“The recent tax reform changes have given us the opportunity to review our benefit and compensation structure with an eye toward further investing in our workforce – our extraordinary team of employees who have and continue to help make Hostess so successful,” executive chairman C. Dean Metropoulos said in a letter to employees. “As we have done in the past, the company’s management and board take great pleasure in sharing the company’s success with our employees.”

Hostess shut down production of its products in 2012 after filing for bankruptcy, but reorganized as a new company the following year, bringing Twinkies and other favorites back to store shelves.

Here’s hoping those employees can get their hands on some of the company’s newer flavors, like White Fudge Ding Dongs and Peanut Butter Ho Hos.