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Dylan, Al, Craig and Sheinelle share their ultimate Halloween party hacks

Make Halloween a night to remember with these killer hosting hacks.
/ Source: TODAY

When planning last-minute Halloween festivities, it's wise to arm up with the right tips.

During Wednesday's 3rd Hour of TODAY, the hosts were challenged to come up with their favorite Halloween party hacks. Luckily, Craig Melvin, Dylan Dryer, Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones all know how to throw a pretty spooky soiree. From food that will satisfy a big crowd to delicious drink ideas, these co-hosts all have a few tricks (and treats) up their sleeves.

Sheinelle's thrifty hack requires just $20 and a quick trip to any dollar store. Shoppers will be able to find pretty much everything they need for Halloween festivities, whether you're throwing a party for adults or kids ... or both! Dollar stores have candy, fun table settings, games and plenty of fun decorations — all on the cheap.

Now that dollar store decor is covered, it's time for some cocktails. Al swears that this drink dispensing hack always impresses guests. Just grab a large pumpkin, a box of wine and a carving knife. While other pumpkin keg recipes require the beer or cider to go directly inside the pumpkin, Al keeps his wine in the bag and pulls the spigot through a small, 2-inch hole to make the seasonal trick even easier for the novice DIY party host.

Craig, meanwhile, prefers a hearty meal to get his party started.

When his kids have been out trick-or-treating and need to refuel with something warm in their bellies, Craig is ready with a big pot of chili. This year, he's making a savory chili with ground beef and sausage. The best thing about chili is that, depending on which other guests decide to pop in, you can doctor up the recipe with some peppers for added heat.

For dessert, Craig's wife Lindsay and his daughter Sibby love making Mummy Mint Milanos. Simply melt some white chocolate, dip the cookies into the melted chocolate and let them dry. Decorate using mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

Dylan, who enjoys cooking up plenty of fall favorites like chicken pot pie and her toddler-approved cauliflower soup, looks to something a little more time efficient when it comes to spooky party snacks. Well, it's not as spooky as it is sweet. On Halloween, Dylan throws together a bowl of homemade candy "trail mix." All that's required is a bag of candy corn mixed with roasted peanuts. The salty and sweet combo is a winner among all ages.