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HomeGoods is selling the biggest bag of chocolate we've ever seen

Willy Wonka would be proud! For just $300, you can be waist deep in chocolate this Valentine's Day. Or whenever!
/ Source: TODAY

If you’re the kind of person who can’t open a bag of candy without finishing the entire thing, you probably shouldn't even look at this bag of chocolate. For starters, it would probably take days just to unwrap all 2,000 pieces.

Then there’s the fact that the calorie count is a whopping 50,000.


If you do have a little self-control (or plenty of chocolate-loving friends nearby), then feast your eyes on this giant bag, available at HomeGoods, which comes in both milk and dark chocolate varieties.

We've seen giant cheesecakes and giant cinnamon rolls from Sam's Club but this extra-large bag will most assuredly help you satisfy any sweet cravings for weeks on end.

Even if you don’t fancy chocolate, the photo opportunity alone is priceless. After all, the buzz around ChocXO’s 22-pound bag all started when a Reddit user posted a photo of her father standing next to the waist-high sack. It stands 40 inches tall and is wide enough to stand in, so you can use it for potato sack racing when the weather heats up!


TODAY Food spoke with a representative from the chocolate's manufacturer who says this bag, which first debuted just in time for the 2017 holiday season, was a unique collaboration with HomeGoods.

“We worked together to turn a giant bag we were using as a trade show prop into an actual product with real chocolate inside,” Laina Malnight, Marketing Manager for ChocXO Bean to Bar Chocolatier, told TODAY Food. The self-described “better for you chocolate company” is based in Southern California. All of its chocolate is gluten-free, non-GMO and 100 percent USDA-certified organic.

But even Malnight admits the giant bag is a novelty item that should be consumed in moderation. “We definitely do not recommend eating it all in one sitting!”


The bag’s sheer size was a big factor in determining if the product was a fit, and would fit on, store shelves. “We believe this is the biggest bag we have ever sold and we worked directly with the vendor to ensure we had a bag that would withstand the weight and would remain upright,” a spokesperson for HomeGoods told TODAY Food. HomeGoods is currently selling the chocolate sack nationwide in over 570 stores. Reddit users have reported finding the giant bag on sale for anywhere from $53 to $199, but it officially retails for $300 on ChocXO's website.

It's also available at Marshalls in Canada and, due to the “overwhelming response,” Malnight says the bags are now available directly on ChocXO’s website.

Given that more than 58 million pounds of chocolate are sold during Valentine’s Day week, it’s pretty perfect timing. Although we don’t recommend dragging this gift with you out to that romantic dinner.


On another note, this giant chocolate treat may just be the start of a super-sized snack trend.

Malight says that there are currently no plans to create an even bigger candy bag, but she didn't rule it entirely, saying, “You never know!”

And HomeGoods — part of TJX Companies Inc. which also owns TJ Maxx and Marshalls — already has its product buyers on the hunt for bigger bags. “You never know what you will find in the treasure hunt. We are certainly looking for more exciting oversized opportunity buys for the 2018 season,” a company spokesperson told TODAY.