Home Chef winner: 'Cooking is like therapy to me'

Amber Hannah Forbes is the latest winner of TODAY’s Home Chef Challenge, and she took the title with her colorful, delicious corn succotash salad. Amber has her own food blog called Slim Pickin's Kitchen, where she shares “healthier, sassy versions of the Southern cooking” she grew up eating. Below, Amber shares more about herself. Click here to get her winning succotash recipe and click here to send in your own recipe!

Age: 31

Hometown: Charleston, S.C.

How long have you been cooking?

I was born with the cuisine gene, and I've been cooking for as long as I can remember. I have very strong memories of helping my grandmothers and aunts out in the kitchen during the holidays as well as throwing together wacky creations in the kitchen when I was a kid. Cooking is like therapy to me!

Share your favorite cooking tip

My favorite tip would have to be my trick with cooking with onions! I can't stand biting into onions, and I've never really been a fan of them regardless of it they are cooked or raw. If I see an onion on my plate I will absolutely pick them out of whatever I'm eating. However, I think it's incredibly important to cook with them as well. So here's what I do: I pulverize the onions in a food processor until they turn into a pulp. I then cook with them as otherwise directed and the onions melt in beautifully with the dish, leaving behind their essence without keeping their crunch.

What would be your ideal last meal?

Funny you should ask that! I just wrote a blog post about the same subject!