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Holy guacamole! See President Obama, Jeb Bush and others react to peas in guac

Clearly, Americans have run out of things to be angry about, because the latest Internet kerfuffle is over peas and guacamole.
/ Source: TODAY

Is there any issue that can unite Americans these days? Any source of change that could possibly cause both President Barack Obama and candidate Jeb Bush to agree? As it turns out yes, yes there is.

Peas in guacamole.

The New York Times kicked off the nationwide debate on Wednesday, brazenly posting a picture of English peas nesting alongside sunflower seeds atop a fresh guac glob. It's a nice picture, but it set the Internet ablaze with shouts of "heresy!"

The President of the United States (who is a self-professed "fanatic" about the dip) weighed in:

As did Republican candidate Bush:

But the joke may be on everyone, because while the recipe may be nouveau cuisine, apparently it is gosh-darn delicious. As Business Insider wrote, the recipe from the Times was adapted from a New York restaurant called ABC Cocina started by legendary chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his chef de cuisine, Ian Coogan.

"The fresh sweetness of the peas, the nuttiness of the sunflower seeds, and the heat of the classic guacamole ingredients was refreshing," wrote Megan Willett. "It was very similar to traditional guacamole but the peas made it a little chunkier, a little sweeter (in a good way!), and a little greener. ... So lay off The New York Times and ABC Cocina until you’ve tried it."

Peas out? You decide.

Bonus: What about a little pineapple with your guac?

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