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The Sweetest Bracket: See the winning Valentine’s Day chocolate

Which Valentine's Day chocolate is the sweetest treat of them all?

🎶 It's the most ... romantic time ... of the year. 🎶

Tuesday, Feb. 14 is steadily approaching, which means you should be thinking about the gift you'll be getting for your Valentine. Whether that person is your significant other, friend or yourself, you can never go wrong with a box of chocolates.

Flowers are nice, sure, but chocolates are a must. There's something special about cracking open one of those heart-shaped boxes and taking your pick of the tempting tiny treats.

Are you the type of person who just dives right in and takes the first one you see? Or do you study the manual meticulously, selecting them in order of preference?

Either way, you've gotta have a favorite — the one you hope to get on your first try, or the one you purposely save for last. Is it the one that oozes caramel? The truffle stuffed with dark chocolate fudge? Does it have nuts? Or is it filled with raspberry cream?

Enter: TODAY’s Sweetest Bracket. Each day, you’ll pick which piece of chocolate you prefer, and on Valentine's Day, we'll announce the winner — the sweetest treat of them all.

The results of round one: There weren't really any close calls. Caramel beat out coconut with 74% of the vote, while chocolate turtle easily took it from peanut cluster with 77%. Toffee dunked on nougat with 79% of the vote, and dark chocolate fudge secured its spot in the semifinals over raspberry cream with 72%.

The results of round two: Up against caramel, chocolate turtle took it home with 58% of the vote, and toffee eked out a win over dark chocolate fudge with 56%.

Final results: Chocolate turtle easily took home the win over toffee with a whopping 70% of the vote!

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