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28 Starbucks holiday drinks to try — from Hot Cocoa Cold Brew to an Olaf Frappuccino

These drinks aren't on the menu, so order exactly as written.
/ Source: TODAY

Ready to sip on something special this season from Starbucks? The Starbucks holiday menu is back for another year!

Starbucks holiday drinks like Peppermint Mocha, Chestnut Praline Latte and Toasted White Chocolate Mocha top the list for menu favorites, but Starbucks' secret menu is also bursting with holiday fun.

From “Grinch” drinks celebrating Whoville’s most sinister seasonal snatcher to more festive sips inspired by Santa himself, there are tasty treats for everyone's favored flavor profiles.

A quick note worth mentioning: None of these items are on the Starbucks menu. They need to be ordered exactly as directed or baristas may be unfamiliar and unable to make your drink.

Instagram user “Starbies Drink Ideas" recommends, “Please BE KIND to your Baristas and remember since these aren’t on the menu they may take more time." And don't forget to tip accordingly!

28 Starbucks Holiday Drinks to Try This Season

Looking to up your holiday drink order? Try these 28 Starbucks holiday drinks this year.

Rolo Frappuccino

Get all of the chocolaty caramel goodness of a Rolo candy in one Starbucks cup this season. To order, ask for a grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with one scoop java chips and caramel drizzle blended in. Ask for caramel drizzle to be used around the sides of the cup and top with mocha drizzle.

Toasted Chestnut Praline Cold Brew

No chestnuts roasting on an open fire here! To order, ask for a venti cold brew with three pumps toasted white mocha and three pumps chestnut praline. Top with vanilla sweet cream cold foam with a pump of chestnut praline blended in and chestnut praline topping.

Holiday Spice Cold Brew

When it's cold outside, you need something to warm you up and this Holiday Spice Cold Brew is the ticket, according to one Instagram user. To order, ask for a venti cold brew with three pumps cinnamon dolce syrup and one raw sugar. Top with vanilla sweet cream cold foam with cinnamon dolce powder and nutmeg blended in.

The Dreidel

Celebrate Hanukkah with an ode to the dreidel, a popular holiday game. To order this specialty drink, ask for a venti iced blonde latte with two scoops vanilla bean, two (or three) pumps chestnut praline and two pumps hazelnut. Ask for the cup to be lined with caramel drizzle. Top the drink with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and chestnut praline topping.

Kwanza Latte

Inspired by Kwanza, the Kwanza Latte includes mocha and caramel flavors. To order, ask for a venti iced blonde latte with three pumps toasted white mocha and three pumps dark caramel. Ask to have the cup lined caramel drizzle. Top the drink with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and enjoy!

Elsa's Frappucino

Let it go! Let it go! And order this drink to-go! To taste Elsa's Frappucino, ask for a grande Sugar Cookie Frappucino made with heavy cream in a size venti cup. Add in two scoops of vanilla bean, and have your barista put whipped cream and holiday sprinkles on the bottom and top of the cup.

Sufganiyot Frappuccino

This holiday beverage is inspired by the jelly-filled pastry eaten around Hannukah. To order, ask for a grande Sugar Cookie Frappucino made with oat milk and a splash of heavy cream, according to the creator. Ask for two pumps of raspberry and strawberry purée on the top and bottom of the drink.

Grinchmas Frappuccino

You've heard of the man in red, but this one is a nod to the guy in green — the Grinch! According to one Instagram user, this peppermint-y mix gets a 7/10 (but 9.5/10 if you like peppermint!). To order, ask for a Matcha Frappuccino with one pump peppermint and four pumps sugar cookie. "Please line the cup with Mocha Drizzle (or Strawberry Purée) & top the whipped cream with Matcha powder & chocolate curls."

Toasted Caramel Brûlée Cold Brew

Take your cold brew up a notch with a Toasted Caramel Brûlée varietal! Start by ordering a Venti cold brew with two pumps Toasted White Mocha and two pumps Caramel Brûlée. Instagram user "The Joyful RBF" says to add "Sweet Cream Cold Foam with an extra pump of Caramel Brûlée in the foam with Caramel Brûlée Topping."

Holly Jolly Refresher

Instagram creator Sara says this festive drink is "super yummy" but pricy (over $10), so be prepared. To order, ask for a Venti Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with no water and no inclusions. Add a splash of passion tea, strawberry puree, one pump vanilla and two pumps raspberry syrup. Top with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam with a scoop of matcha blended in.

Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew

Looking to take your Peppermint Mocha favorite up a notch? Make it a cold brew, according to Instagram user Cori Hanna. To order, ask for a cold brew coffee with two pumps peppermint and mocha sauce. Add Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam on top and enjoy!

Sugar Cookie Chai

For this seasonal sip, start with six pumps chai, six pumps of sugar cookie, milk and ice. Creator Josiah Varghese says to ask for the drink to be topped with Sweet Cream Cold Foam with two pumps sugar cookie frothed in. Top with red and green sprinkles.

Olaf Frappuccino

Some people — or drinks — are worth melting for ... at least when it comes to this "Frozen"-inspired beverage. To order, as for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with white mocha drizzle in the cup and add a Snowman Cake Pop on the side. Top with whipped cream and chocolate mini chips!

Santa Claus Frappuccino

Varghese says to start with milk, two pumps White Mocha, four pumps Toasted Vanilla, two scoops of Java Chip, Frappuccino base and ice cubes. After blending, add strawberry drizzle to the cup, pour the mixture in, and top with whipped cream and holiday sprinkles.

Fruitcake Frappuccino

Get your fruitcake and drink it, too, with this festive frapp. To order, ask for a Grande White Mocha Frappuccino with two pumps hazelnut and one pump raspberry. Ask for strawberry inclusions blended in and top with both strawberry inclusions and chestnut praline topping.

Reindeer Frappuccino

To get this Rudolph-inspired drink going, ask for milk, four pumps of Frappuccino Roast, four pumps of Mocha, two pumps of Sugar Cookie, Frappuccino base and ice to be blended. Add Mocha Drizzle into the cup and top with whipped cream and sugar sprinkles.

Eggnog Fluff Cold Brew

Imagine eggnog and marshmallows got together and had a baby — that's what one Instagram user said about this holiday mash-up. Order a Venti Cold Brew, then ask for four pumps of Toasted White Mocha, one pump of Cinnamon Dolce and top with Eggnog Cold Foam. Finish with Cinnamon Dolce on top and savor each caffeinated sip!

The “Ferrero Rocher” Frappuccino

If you're a fan of the gold-wrapped chocolates, this "Ferrero Rocher" frapp is for you. According to its creator, food blogger "Foodie Sanctuary," order a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino and add two to three pumps of Mocha syrup, as well as one to two pumps Hazelnut syrup. Top with Hazelnut drizzle and enjoy!

Gingerbread House Frappuccino

A gingerbread house with all the fixings! Start by ordering a Grande White Mocha Frappuccino. "Then ask for one pump of Chai syrup and one pump of Hazelnut syrup," Instagram user @thejoyfulrbf says. "And finally, ask for chestnut praline topping on the bottom and top of the cup, as well as the holiday sprinkles on top."

Hot Cocoa Cold Brew

Baby it's cold outside — but not too chilly for cold brew. To order, Elyse from "The Healthy Little Foodie" says to ask for a Grande Sweet Cream Cold Brew with one pump of vanilla, two pumps Mocha and one pump Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. Top with dark chocolate curls!

The Ultimate Christmas Drink

Celebrate the season in one festive drink! Order a Venti Passion Tea with 1/4 strawberry purée, three pumps Raspberry and two pumps classic syrup. "Top with regular cold foam with one scoop of matcha," says the creator of this colorful concoction.

Sugar Cookie Cold Foam Latte

If you grew up eating spritz cookies, this is the Starbucks drink for you. Order the Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte and ask for vanilla sweet cream cold foam with an extra pump of sugar cookie flavor. Finish with holiday sprinkles on top!

Andes Mint Cold Brew

Sip on something minty this season with the Andes Mint Cold Brew. Order a Venti cold brew with three pumps mocha and three pimps white mocha. Ask for it to be topped with sweet cream cold foam with one pump peppermint and chocolate curls.

"A Christmas Story" Latte

Don't worry, this one won't shoot your eye out, but it does include a shot of espresso. According to "Starbies Drink Ideas," customers interested in this seasonal sip should order a Venti iced latte with blonde espresso and oat milk. "Add 2 pumps Chestnut Praline, 2 scoops Vanilla Bean & 2 pumps Toffee Nut. Line the cup in Caramel drizzle & top with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam & Chestnut Praline topping."

Candy Cane Cold Brew

What's better than a piece of iconic Christmas candy? A drink that tastes just like one. Start with a Venti cold brew, four pumps White Mocha and two pumps peppermint. Top with vanilla sweet cream cold foam with one pump of peppermint blended in and ask for holiday topping to finish it off.

Some special Starbucks holiday drinks exist only outside the U.S. — but that isn't stopping us from daydreaming about a seasonal sip in Korea or Japan.

Dolce Cookie Latte

Available in South Korea, this adorable bear-baring brew is made with a smooth blonde espresso and dolce cookie sauce, and topped with a chocolate cookie.

Snow Mint Chocolate

Said to be inspired by Christmas trees, this beverage available in South Korea is a combination of Jeju matcha, white chocolate and mint chocolate.

Confetti Cookie Latte

Available in Asia Pacific Starbucks locations, this colorful drink combines espresso and toasted white chocolate syrup with steamed milk for a sensational seasonal treat.

Not interested in something to drink? Consider one of Starbucks specialty holiday menu items to eat, like a Cranberry Bliss Bar, Sugar Plum Cheese Danish, Snowman Cookie or Reindeer Cake Pop.