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Celebrate the holidays with a family feast from Al Roker and Carson Daly

Al Roker and Carson Daly share a holiday menu with standing rib roast, smashed potatoes, sticky toffee pudding and Brandy Alexander cocktails.

"During the holidays you get so much turkey and ham," notes Al Roker. So why not make something different this year? "Beef — it's what's for holiday dinner," he suggest. He's sharing his recipe for a robust rib roast, while Carson Daly is sharing a side dish from his wife, Siri, that's perfect alongside the roast: smashed potatoes. Add the Daly family Brandy Alexander to drink and Al's sticky toffee pudding for dessert to create the perfect holiday menu.

"I love this rib roast because it's simple," says Al. "There's really just not much work to it. And when you bring it out, it makes a spectacular presentation. And it tastes so good."

Siri Daly's Smashed Potatoes

“Siri’s smashed potatoes are a simple substitute for the typical mashed or baked you may enjoy with meat," says Carson. "This recipe is from our good friend and neighbor Jen, who first put these smashed, crunchy, garlicky, salty suckers on our radar. The crunchy texture is a perfect complement for a warm med-rare steak bite. Veggies are purely optional..."

Carson's Brandy Alexander

"For as long as I can remember my mom was blending away during the holidays, creating her famous Brandy Alexander cocktails," says Carson. "It’s as much a family tradition as the jolly man himself. It's such a tradition that we even named our family dog after the drink, calling her “Lexi” for short. She was an off-white fluffy thing (resembling the concoction of cream and cocoa) and had a sprinkle of brown on her face that matched the tap of nutmeg that tops the blended beauty. Before long our Brandy Alexanders reached far past Christmas and were served at any special occasion. And, as I recall, there were many!"

Al's Sticky Toffee Pudding

"Sticky toffee pudding really is a surprise," says Al. "People aren't expecting it. And it's the kind of dessert that can stand up to a roast beef."

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