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Get the holiday party started with these 7 festive holiday snacks and drinks

Treat your guests to treats like maple eggnog and candy cane fudge!

Chef Zane Holmquist is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to show off a few of his fun holiday drinks and snacks. He's demonstrating his maple eggnog, slow-cooker glogg, hot chocolate, reindeer tracks fudge, candy cane fudge, "everything" popcorn and almonds with ginger and cinnamon.

Maple Nog

Maple Nog

Zane Holmquist

The sweet rich flavor of the maple reminds me of Christmas morning. The rye adds a bit of holiday cheer.

As the cider heats in the slow cooker, it fills the house with the aroma of holiday cheer. It can also be made without alcohol.

Reindeer Tracks Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate tastes like the holidays and kids have fun garnishing it themselves.

In this recipe, classic fudge is gussied up with butterscotch chips, pretzels, nuts and red and green chocolate candies. "My grandmother always made fudge for the holidays and this reminds me of my childhood," says Holmquist.

This fudge features the classic holiday combination of peppermint and chocolate.

Holmquist loves this popcorn with "everything" seasonings because it's unique and comforting, yet easy to make.

These spiced almonds can be served as a party snack and any leftovers can be added to dishes like salads and grain bowls.

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