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Celebrate Holi with crispy fried samosas and gujiyas

Palak Patel makes popular Indian street-food snacks in honor of Holi.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef, restaurateur and TV personality Palak Patel is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to celebrate the festive Hindu holiday of Holi, or the Festival of Colors with some of her favorite Indian street-food snacks. She shows us how to make crispy, potato-filled samosas with two chutneys, a rich and creamy plant-based milkshake and sweet, deep-fried pastries known as gujiyas.

Samosas and Chutneys

This popular Indian street-food snack is easy to make and great hot or at room temperature. It's a Patel family tradition to make samosas together. We form an assembly line to make samosas: My sister and I roll, my dad stuffs and seals, mom does the frying, and my brothers eat. It's a beloved recipe in our house and millions around the world.


I now make thandai — a thick, creamy drink blended with a variety of nuts, spices and oat milk — whenever I have a milkshake hankering. I had this for the first time in India when I celebrated Holi with my family. It has all the decadence of a milkshake without any ice cream. I call this the OG protein powder; it's packed with healthy fats and tastes outstanding.


With a crisp pastry crust and creamy, sweet filling, these deep-fried pastries would be a welcome ending to any meal, but they're particularly great to serve for celebrations and special occasions.

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